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13th Apr 2022


Innovation is creating a product or service that is entirely new. This requires learning to stop thinking from the stress center and think from the mind for creative ways to help people and innovative ideas to improve people’s lives. Be exceptional by being your true self.

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Dr. Gary Epler – The new way of life is knowing who you are moment by moment. Today we’re going to talk about innovation and thinking from the mind.

Joan – What do you mean by innovation?

Innovation is creating a product or service that is entirely new.

What’s the difference between an innovative product and a standard product?

An innovative product is used by billions of people throughout the world making people’s lives easier or improving their lives.

What type of people are innovators?

I call them trial-and-error people.

What do you mean?

It’s like it sounds. People try something new. It fails. They try again. It fails. They repeat and continue to repeat until they develop an innovation.

What’s the other way to develop a product?

With planners. People who methodically plan product development and continue to plan until they get it right. There are no failures. Planners bring stability to the organization through operations and regulatory management. Trial & error people create innovative products and services.

Sounds like a combination of innovators and planners is the best approach.

You’re right, the combination is the best option. Today we’re going to talk about innovators.

What does it take for successful innovation?

Innovation comes from a team of people with different cultures and from different parts of the world with ideas from the periphery, from the edge. A UPenn study showed that teams from within a company have massive amounts of similar information, and they quickly develop good products. However, teams with geographic and cultural differences take a long time to develop a product, but these teams develop the best products.

What else is needed for innovation?

A governmental structure that creates an environment for innovators, which is the right mix of personal freedom and business regulations. For example, a country in the distant past developed innovations that continue to be used to the present time, but governmental structures changed that resulted in shifting innovation from that country to another part of the world. Regulations are for intellectual property protection and uniform accounting rules. Innovation creates the strongest, most vibrant countries in the world.

How do you develop an innovative product or service?

There are three components. Frist, apply the Eplerian principle of stop thinking from the head cingulate stress center. Practice this every day. If you think about your problems, upset with yourself, trying to be someone else, or thinking about failing, then you’re thinking from the stress center. If you’re stressed, you’re thinking about yourself from the head. You can only think from one location at a time; therefore, if you’re stressed and thinking about your problems, then you can’t think from the mind with creativity and innovation. Stop thinking from the head stress center.

What’s the second?

Learn to think from the mind quickly and automatically. The mind is outside the body and has unlimited knowledge about the past, the present, and the future. Because the mind is outside the body, you need to be in a slow alpha brainwave state, not in the everyday highspeed beta brainwave state. Everyone experiences this alpha brainwave state. It occurs during daydreaming and meditation. Learn to be in the slow brainwave state naturally for innovative ideas.

What’s the third component for developing innovative products and services?

Develop an egalitarian team with five to seven individuals who have strong ties from different cultural and geographic locations. Centralized teams with similar members can quickly develop good products. They make choices that are familiar not necessarily the best. Egalitarian teams develop innovative products. When the company grows, it’s important to include frontline people and people from the outer banks in decisions. For example, a study of major league baseball teams showed that using the opinions of the established, entrenched scouts produced good teams but having an equal voice for all scouts and coaching staff who each see something different creates championship teams.

What lifestyle is typical for innovators?

Trial & error innovators live with failures, often have negative cash flow, and never retire. Innovators have failure after failure, but also extraordinary international successes. Innovators are not discouraged by failures. These failures provide energy to try something new. Not so with investors, they are deterred by failures and quickly take away the money, but that’s the part of the path to innovation. Being a trial & error person is filled with enormous risk and entrepreneurial fear in exchange for an exciting and invigorating life.

Innovation is fundamental for products and services that make life easier and improve the lives of billions of people. Do you have any closing comments?

Dr. Gary Epler – Innovation is creating a product or service that is entirely new. This requires learning to stop thinking from the stress center and think from the mind for creative ways to help people and innovative ideas to improve people’s lives. Be exceptional by being your true self.

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Extended Bio: Dr. Gary Epler is an internationally known Harvard Medical School professor and opinion-leader in health, peak productivity and leadership. He is a bestselling author who has impacted the lives of people throughout the world through his speaking engagements, books, teaching and consulting. He has been called upon by individuals from around the globe who have a rare lung disease called BOOP that he discovered. He has developed the "Eplerian Life Philosophy" which is a modern-day life philosophy for people to live their best lives at home, at work and in society. This philosophy is based on brain science defined as “know who you are moment by moment.” This means stay out of your bad brain regions and stay in the good. Dr. Epler is a successful serial entrepreneur as a founder and CEO of three companies including a biotech company, a nutraceutical company, and a health management company. He is an award-winning speaker, addressing audiences about health, nutrition, productivity, and leadership.

Dr. Gary Epler has been recognized yearly since 1994 in The Best Doctors in America. He believes personalized health empowers people. He has written four health books in the critically acclaimed “You’re the Boss” series about people taking charge of their health including Manage Your Disease, BOOP, Asthma, and Food. Dr. Epler’s current book “Alive with Life. A Medical Doctor’s Guide to Live Your Best Life” about how to live an exhilarating life filled with high-energy, creativity, enjoyment, positive experiences and extraordinary people.

Dr. Epler discovered a new lung parasite in South America. He was at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta where he chronicled the nutritional needs of North African children and managed the tuberculosis refugee program in Southeast Asia. He was Chief of Medicine and Board Member at the New England Baptist Hospital for 15 years. He has written more than 110 scientific publications and given more than 500 seminars and workshops around the world. He has more than 30K social media followers including one post with 200K+ views. In addition to conducting clinical and research work, Dr. Epler strives to educate. He became editor-in-chief of an internet-based educational program in critical care and pulmonary medicine offered by the American College of Chest Physicians. Business Week acclaimed him for his development of e-health educational programs that enable patients to manage their health and diseases. Dr. Epler was recognized as one of Boston Magazine’s “Top Doctors in Town.”

Dr. Epler ran several marathons including Boston, New York, and proposed to his wife, Joan at the start of the Paris Marathon; and for their first anniversary, they ran the original Greek marathon together. He delivered the 20th baby from a mother who named the baby after him. He’s been one of the Boston Celtics team doctors. He has taught medicine throughout the world and was fortunate enough to save a dying infant in South America from an overwhelming parasitic infection by using the sap from a fig tree. He is a radio and television personality. He is a Hollywood screenwriter and has written a medical thriller movie, medical drama TV show, and a lifestyle reality TV show. He is active in the community. He coached soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, and club baseball at Boston College. He lives in the Boston area with his wife, Joan.